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Children & Youth Music


Girl's Choir & BoyChoir

Dr. David J. Kienzle, director

Children have the opportunity to involve the body, mind, spirit, and voice as they experience the vibrant life of the gathered faith community.  At Christ Church we have found continued success with gender-specific choral training.  Since singing is such a personal expression of one’s psyche, and since boys and girls learn differently and in diverse stages, our choir program for children blends the best of the ancient English Cathedral training methods with the modern education models of our rapidly changing society.  On typical Wednesday evenings, the boys rehearse for an hour, joined then by the girls for a service of sung Evening Prayer (from the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship), following which the girls have a 50-minute rehearsal.  While this may require a conditioning process for newer choristers, our veteran youngsters find that we can achieve satisfying and rewarding results.

Boys and girls often sing together in worship (at the 10:30 service), approximately monthly, but sometimes as separate choirs as well.  They wear traditional liturgical vestments and sit in the chancel in order to lead worship for the entire hour.  Some anthems are sung from memory, and others with words or music in hand.  Choristers also take turns as cantor for various liturgical responses and psalm settings.

Curriculum for choristers include:

  • Fundamentals of music reading
  • Fundamentals in singing and vocal production
  • Worship service of prayer and praise
  • Development of reading comprehension
  • Encounters and discussions with the foundations of the Christian faith
  • Church etiquette and understanding of Christian worship traditions
  • Occasional extra-curricular activities and outings sponsored by the church




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