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Opportunities for Adults to Grow in Faith, Spirit, and Knowledge

Weekly Adult Growing Opportunities
Opportunities for Adults to Grow in Faith, Spirit, and Knowledge
               Sunday Morning Adult Classes ~ 9:15 - 10:15 a.m.

The Parlor Class is studying "The Present Word" from the Presbyterian Mission Agency.
Through the exploration of biblical text, adult study groups are invited into a deepened
relationship with God.  The Present Word engages participants in an experiential style
of learning—connecting faith and life.  "The Present Word" nurtures individual growth of the
participants as children of God rooted in the Christian community, life in the Spirit and
Christian hope.  Discussion and activities encourage participants to live out their faith in
their individual and congregational activities. 


The Intergenerational Sunday School Class meets in the Upper Room, second floor
above the Parlor.  A discussion oriented class that focuses on the weekly readings

in scripture (the Daily Grace, printed in each week's Order of Worship), led by Mike Ophardt

The Westminister Class - September 10 - November 5, 2017

The Confessions and the Reformation:  2017 marks the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  To commemorate that pivotal event, the Westminster Hall Sunday School Class will study both the Presbyterian Book of Confessions, as well as the Reformation.  We will consider how both this collection of confessions and the break away from the Roman Catholic Church have present-day impact on our faith and theology.  We invite all to attend and participate in this foundational class.


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